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David Ramsey Returns to the CW’s Arrowverse

David Ramsey will be returning to the Arrowverse! Ever since the mysterious series finale of Arrow, there have been several theories regarding what role John Diggle would be playing and what the future would hold for him. Many theorized that he would take on the Green Lantern mantle after finding a shining green object in the aforementioned finale, but these remained speculations. While these theories are yet to be confirmed, earlier today, Deadline announced that not only will Ramsey be returning to the Arrowverse as a director, but he will also spend time in front of the camera as well. 

Ramsey will direct five episodes for Superman and Lois, as well as Supergirl. Additionally, he is set to reprise his role as John Diggle in both of these shows, in addition to The Flash and Batwoman. Ramsey will also play a mystery character in Legends of Tomorrow. Deadline states that the role is “being kept under wraps for now”, leaving plenty of time for speculation and excitement to build.

We aren’t the only ones who are excited about this news. Ramsey said he is “excited beyond belief to return to the Berlantiverse” and that he “can’t wait to continue telling these stories.” 

This news bodes well for John Diggle fans and the shows he will appear in. We were already looking forward to a stellar lineup in 2021, and this announcement only enhances that. Let us know your thoughts below and in our forum! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for breaking news!