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Superman & Lois "Injustice" Trailer

 The CW has just unveiled a sneak peek of "Injustice”, the upcoming twelfth episode in the third season of Superman and Lois.

Fans are in for a treat as Lex Luthor makes his much-anticipated entrance. The show has been hinting at the arrival of Luthor for a while, suggesting that he was unjustly imprisoned thanks to Lois Lane. However, with Bruno Mannheim taking responsibility for his own misdeeds, the dynamics seem to be shifting. The episode is scheduled to air on June 20th; take a look at the trailer below.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Michael Cudlitz would be portraying Lex Luthor in a portrayal distinct from what fans saw in Supergirl, where Jon Cryer took on the role. According to the character description, Lex is publicly known as the visionary billionaire behind LexCorp, but in reality, the criminal underworld recognizes him as a ruthless psychopath who instills terror in anyone he crosses paths with. As Lex makes his debut this season, it’s been years since he vanished from the public eye, and now he’s resurfacing with a fervor to correct a personal injustice by seeking revenge on the two individuals he believes have wronged him – Superman and Lois Lane.

Are you ready to see the first, and likely not last, showdown between Clark, Lois and Lex? What does the former billionaire have in store for our heroes? Let us know your thoughts below and in our forum! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for breaking news!

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