Warner Brothers and ViacomCBS are shopping around the idea of selling The CW. What this means for all the DCTV properties is uncertain.

Where to Watch

The explosion of amazing new DC Comics-based television shows has lead to some incredible new ways to watch these series.

The CW

First, there is the simple and traditional model of broadcast television. This is where The CW network shows their "Arrowverse" set of shows. The Arrowverse was named after the principal show, Arrow, and eventually led to the The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, Superman and Lois, and Green Arrow and the Canaries. These shows can be viewed with a simple digital television antenna or streamed on demand via The CW's streaming service.



The next way to watch is a subscription service. If you are looking for more shows than just the Arrowverse, HBO Max offers advertisement free streaming shows. To be clear, HBO Max doesn't stream Arrowverse shows, but you will get access to new shows like Watchmen, Green Lantern, and Strange Adventures. Of course you get access to tons of non-related DC Comics television and movies. This is a perfect choice for any Warner Brothers fan. The service launched May 2020



The last place to watch DC Comics related television is Netflix. While Netflix offers a HUGE ammount television content and movies. There is a lot of non-comic related content but Netflix does offer streaming of most of the Arrowverse shows and offers two original series Lucifer and Sandman. This might be a good choice for those looking for a wide array of entertainment that includes a couple of original DC shows.


Regardless of the choices, we are here to cover it all. New shows are being developed all the time and seem to land primarily at one of these three locations.