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Earth Prime: Issue 1 - Batwoman Review

Like many other shows currently on air, the CW's massive catalogue of DC heroes has made their way over to comicbook pages, and kicking things off is Batwoman's turn. This issue takes an amazing look at not only an in-between episodes story, where the Bat team is hunting down Clayface, this time a high-schooler who wanted revenge on the bullies who make his life miserable. Behind the main plot, we also get a look at Ryan's state of mind during the whole debacle of losing Wayne enterprises to Jet, and having Mary choose being Ivy over a cure.

We even got a surprise visit from Lena Luthor, bridging two shows whose protagonists had built up a camraderie during some of the crossovers. Through it all, it's clear that Ryan's biggest strengths are her support system - her found family of other heroes and their allies. Through Luke, Sophie, and Lena's advices, Ryan is able to see that she is helping Gotham, and that they will be able to rescue Mary and set things right with her.

As an added bonus, we got a short story, written by Camrus Johnson, from another moment during the latest season with Luke trying to balance his duties as the Bat Team's computer guy, and a normal life trying to date Stephanie Brown. It definitely piques our interest in hoping that we get to touch more on both stories in future seasons.

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