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Fall Episode Titles and Dates for DCTV Shows

This episode title round-up article is a bit different, because although as per our usual, we have episode titles for 3 shows, the kicker is that all of them are on different streaming sites/networks. As we dive in to see what will be in store for the entire season for these shows this coming fall, we'll see that some give away more than others. But what we do know without a doubt is that this indicates that for the next few months, we will have plenty of content. Let's check them out.


Stargirl's second season has been off to a great start, and this season has elected to not go with specific episode titles, but rather just chapters in the summer school book. Building off our last round-up, it looks like the entire season will be airing without any breaks, a first for the CW who usually breaks up a season into chunks. But it seems that in the interest of returning the schedule to normal, Stargirl's second season will be airing all the way through to November, with the season finale on November 2.

  1. Summer School: Chapter Six - September 14
  2. Summer School: Chapter Seven - September 21
  3. Summer School: Chapter Eight - September 28
  4. Summer School: Chapter Nine - October 05
  5. Summer School: Chapter Ten - October 12
  6. Summer School: Chapter Eleven - October 19
  7. Summer School: Chapter Twelve - October 26
  8. Summer School: Chapter Thirteen - November 02


Titan's third season has already started last week, and the first three episodes packed quite a punch. A lot happened, and now Red Hood is here and he's threat for the Titans. In true fashion, the season starts out with the names of characters, but switches over halfway to vaguer episode titles, which leaves us curious as to what might happen. The good thing is that the show will be airing new episodes weekly without breaks over on HBO Max, which means that the action will be non-stop.

  1. Barbara Gordon - August 12
  2. Red Hood - August 12
  3. Hank & Dove - August 12
  4. Blackfire - August 19
  5. Lazarus - August 26
  6. Lady Vic - September 02
  7. 51% - September 09
  8. Home - September 16
  9. Souls - September 23
  10. Troubled Water - September 30
  11. The Call is Coming From Inside the House - October 07
  12. Prodigal - October 14
  13. Purple Rain - October 21


Lucifer's sixth and final season will be dropping on Netflix on September 10th, where you'll be able to see all the episodes in the day. Lucifer's episode titles are part of the trope where each title is something that some character says in the episode itself, which lends to plenty of theories. Some of them are perhaps more clear-cut as to the speaker, others are a bit of a mystery. But we know that this will be a very crazy season as the show works to wrap up everyone's stories before the finale.

  1. Nothing Ever Changes Around Here
  2. Buckets of Baggage
  3. Yabba Dabba Do Me
  4. Pin the Tail on the Daddy
  5. The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar
  6. A Lot Dirtier Than That
  7. My Best Friend's Wedding
  8. Save the Devil, Save the World
  9. Goodbye, Lucifer
  10. Partners 'Til the End

Quite some interesting episode titles, as well as very vague ones that nonetheless leave us curious as to how the seasons for all these three very different shows will play out. What are some of your theories? Let us know your thoughts below and in our forum! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for breaking news!