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First Glimpse at The CW's Fall Schedule

We're looking to the future where our favorite shows will be returning once Fall comes around. The past year has really changed the landscape for television, and we're excited to see that the familiar landscape of Fall Premieres will be once more upon us later this year. The CW has released its plans for when their shows will air, so without further ado, let's see where our heroes will be this Fall:

Stargirl: will be airing its second season in the summer on Tuesdays, and will wrap up for the fall.

Supergirl: will be returning in the summer to finish out its sixth and final season also on Tuesdays.

The Flash: Once Stargirl and Supergirl wrap up, The Flash will continue its Tuesday slot and be opening its eighth season with a special and unique plan of a five-episode arc. Here, the idea is to allow for a series of smaller crossover-style episodes that showcase a different hero at a time. We don't have a lot more details regarding who these five heroes will be, but in an interview yesterday, Cress Williams did mention that The Flash showrunner did approach him about making an appearance as Black Lightning at some point in a guest star role.

Legends of Tomorrow: While the Legends were usually placed in the midseason slot, this time they'll be front and center for the Fall, airing its seventh season on Wednesdays.

Batwoman: The Legends-Batwoman night combo seems to work, as the duo will continue with Batwoman's third season also slated to air on Wednesdays.

Wrapping up the list are the 2022 mid-season shows, with Naomi's premiere, Stargirl's third season, and Superman & Lois' second season.

Which show are you most excited for? Do you think the smaller crossover type episodes will be the new way to do things? Let us know your thoughts below and in our forum! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for breaking news!