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HBO Max's Green Lantern Show Being Reworked

It'll be a while before we get to see the new Green Lantern show, and when we do, it won't be the same premise, nor the same synopsis. The HBO Max show from Greg Berlanti, which was originally billed as an anthology, was going to focus on a variety of Green Lanterns, including Guy Gardner and Alan Scott, through three different epochs. It was set to be one of the streamer's most ambitious - and quite costly - DC shows, but it's now being reworked from the ground up, to be much more small-scale, and will now be focusing on John Stewart's run as the hero. Seth Grahame-Smith, one of the writers for the show, who weathered many changes during the tumultuous time at Warner Bros Discovery after the merger, ultimately decided to leave the project after these changes to the show, and the scripts written had been shelved.

With the news, and the refocusing of the main characters, it also leaves the fates of the original actors cast in limbo. Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine had been tapped to play the two main Green Lanterns, but now that the focus had shifted, it stands to see whether they'll still appear in the show, or if their roles will be reduced.

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