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July Episode Titles and Dates for CW Shows

July's episode offerings will be a bit smaller, as most of the shows are wrapping up their season. First up was Black Lightning, which bowed out after ending the show in it's fourth season. Next up will be Batwoman, airing their season finale this weekend, and The Flash will be wrapping up its season in July. Meanwhile, Legends of Tomorrow and Superman & Lois are still underway with their respective seasons, so let's see what's coming for July.

Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends are a little over halfway through their current season, and they have finally rescued Sara, but are still on the hunt for more wayward escaped aliens. We will be getting a few breaks in July before returning in August for more hijinks throughout time. Sara is grappling with a lot, and the rest of the team are going through their changes, always with humor and heart. The next 3 episode titles are likely more puns related to their adventures:

  1. This is Gus - July 11
  2. Bad Blood - July 18
  3. The Final Frame - August 08


The Flash is currently set to wrap up its seventh season for the end of July, with the two part season finale that serves both as the show's 150th episode celebration, as well as the introduction of Bart, together with Nora, Barry and Iris' children, who will be coming to help their father fend off Godspeed, the newest villain to arrive in Central City. It looks like all of Team Flash will be coming to help take down their newest foe:

  1. P.O.W - July 06
  2. Heart of the Matter, Part 1 - July 13
  3. Heart of the Matter, Part 2 - July 20

Supes & Lois

The CW's newest show has been wowing everyone with their amazing stories, great characters, and we couldn't be more excited to see how the rest of the season plays out. July won't have a lot of episodes, and we know that the episode names generally hint at what might come, but not in the way we might expect, such as the episode Man of Steel being about John Henry Irons. So we can only speculate at what might come:

  1. Through the Valley of Death - July 13
  2. Fail Safe - July 20

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