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New Episode Titles and Dates for CW Shows

It's great to get to look ahead and see a bit more of what's to come for our heroes on the CW, and episode titles can be a great way to try to decipher what we can expect, and when we can expect it.This time around there's only three shows with more information, considering that Black Lightning will be ending by May 24th, Supergirl will be going on hiatus, and we are gearing up for the Legends tonight, so we're sure we'll be able to expect more soon. So let's begin:


Batwoman's episodes have been slowly trickling in, and after May 16th's episode, it looks like there will be yet another break until June, where thankfully there will be new episodes all month long. Currently, the characters are all trying to deal with the fallout of Kate's death, while we the viewers are privy to the fact that she's very much alive, and being kept by Black Mask. It looks like at least one of those episodes will be focusing on her return, with Wallis Day playing her, and tonight's her big debut in the role.

    1. Armed Suspect - June 06
    2. Rebirth - June 13
    3. Kane, Kate - June 20
    4. Power - June 27

The Flash:

Flash has been dealing with the Forces, and getting to reason with them as people, and it looks like we'll be diving into some interesting episodes, like the two-parter Family Matters. One interesting title in our view is Good-Bye Vibrations. We wonder if that has to do with Cisco's new Vibe powers, or if it's to do with Barry being able to vibrate his molecules. Whatever it is, we're sure that things on The Flash are about to get a lot more complex, and we still have to figure out who will betray Barry.

    1. Family Matters, Part 2 - May 25
    2. Good-Bye Vibrations - June 01
    3. Masquerade - June 15

Superman & Lois:

The newest superhero and crime-fighting couple will be back on our screens soon enough, and that means new episode titles. Some of them are vague, one of them is very long and indicative of a brief lull between the chaos. And the third one has us worried. Will Lois be taken? It could be Luthor, who as we found out, was married to Lois in his world, and it seems that in this world, he's looking to take her once again, or it could be Morgan Edge, tired of Lois' interference.

    1. Holding The Wrench - June 01
    2. Loyal Subjekts - June 08
    3. O Mother, Where Art Thou? - June 15
    4. A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events - June 22

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