The Vulcan Reporter spotted Javicia Leslie on the set of HBO Max's Titans. While highly unlikely there is a crossover, this could be a joint promotion for HBO Max.

Lucifer Season 5B Premiering May 28

After the twists and turns for the first half of Season 5A, we've been anxiously waiting to hear about when we'll be getting the rest of the season, and today we have the the premiere date: May 28. That gives us two months to speculate what might be coming. You might remember that the first half ended on a cliffhanger before God himself showed up to stop time and intervene before the fight with Amenadiel and Lucifer versus Michael and Maze got out of hand. It'll be interesting to see how things progress from there.

Meanwhile, if you've been keeping an eye on Twitter you might have seen that filming for the sixth and final season has wrapped up, which is an emotional concept to wrap around. But we'll focus on the positive - we have a season and a half yet to go.

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