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Naomi First Looks: Trailer, Poster & Gallery

Ever since the Naomi series was announced, we’ve been eagerly waiting for a sneak peek of what the show will look like. As big fans of the comic, we were very excited to see how the series will translate into a live action series. Yesterday, the official Naomi Twitter account released a first look at the season with a little teaser clip, and our excitement has only grown tenfold.
While the clip is mainly a teaser of what’s to come, we get several glimpses of Naomi (Kaci Walfall) discovering her powers and the effects that it may have on her loved ones around her. There are also hints of darker forces at play, wanting to use Naomi and her abilities for their own gain. The tone strongly reminds us of Stargirl, and given how much we love that show, we’re only even more hyped for Naomi to premiere. You can watch the full first look clip below:

In addition to the clip, we also got the first official poster for the show! While she’s not wearing a super-suit (yet), Naomi looks incredible here. We love the costume design and her hairstyle, and if she looks this great in civvies, we can only imagine how good she’ll look in her costume.

0790 naomi poster

Last but not least, we now also have a gallery for the pilot:

Naomi will premiere on Tuesday, January 11th on the CW. The series is led by Executive Producer Ava Duvernay and stars Walfall as Naomi McDuffie herself, Mary-Charles Jones as Annabelle, Cranston Johnson as Zumbado, Alexander Wraith as Dee, Daniel Puig as Nathan, Aidan Gemme as Jacob, Will Meyers as Anthony, Camila Moreno as Lourdes, Mouzam Makkar as Jennifer, Barry Watson as Gregand Stephanie March as Akira.

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