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Naomi "Unidentified Flying Object" Synopsis

The synopsis for the second episode is here! While it seems like we will start to get some answers, we of course will end up with more questions in this second episode. We can’t wait to see this series unravel! We have been told that the series will take the character beyond her current story within the comics, and it will no doubt be an amazing story to get there.

SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS – Following a shocking revelation by Dee (Alexander Wraith), Naomi (Kaci Walfall) enlists her friends to dig deeper into the mystery surrounding unexplained occurrences in Port Oswego and whether they have anything to do with her past.  Meanwhile, Naomi's parents (Barry Watson and Mouzam Makkar) are caught off guard by Naomi's interrogations.  Another ominous encounter with Zumbado (Cranston Johnson) leaves Naomi shaken, and she seeks Dee's help in taking the next step to embracing her destiny.  Also starring Mary-Charles Jones, Daniel Puig, Camila Moreno, Will Meyers and Aidan Gemme.  DeMane Davis directed the episode written by Jill Blankenship (#102).  Original airdate 1/18/2022.

Do you think the second episode will hold up to the first? Where do you think this story will go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or head over to the forums!

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