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New Superman and Lois Trailer Released

A brand-new trailer for the third season of Superman and Lois has dropped, and it certainly looks like the last son of Krypton and his faithful family will have a lot on their hands soon.

In terms of major highlights from the short sneak peek, Clark and Lois are seen celebrating the birthday of their twin sons, Jordan and Jonathan, with the latter now portrayed by Michael Bishop. However, the joyous celebrations will have to wait as the son of Jor-El will have his life unexpectedly turned upside down as Lois reveals that she may be pregnant and ultimately gets kidnapped by mysterious forces of evil.

Meanwhile, Lana Lang and her husband, Kyle Cushing, are slowly coming to terms with their separation as a divorce is imminent between the once happy couple. Along with some shots of our heroes in grave danger and agonizing pain, we also get to see the new “Fortress of Solitude” teased at the end of the second season as the Superman family is introduced to Clark’s biological mother, Lara.

The stakes are raised for this new season of Superman and Lois. Will our heroes be able to save the day or will it all come crashing down for the Man of Steel?

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