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New Trailers for Superman and Lois and Gotham Knights Trailer Released

Superman and Lois will be returning to our screens very shortly, alongside a new superhero series that will surely be a fan favorite amongst audiences!

Our first look at the third season of Superman and Lois has been revealed and it certainly teases a lot to say the least! The last son of Krypton is seen searching desperately for a missing Lois Lane as the latter hints to her husband that she might be pregnant again. Meanwhile, Jordan and Jonathan - who’s now portrayed by Michael Bishop - are seen discussing the former and what he’s ultimately being trained for as we also get shots of Superman’s closest allies like John Henry Irons in danger. Will the Man of Steel be able to save the day while also keeping his family safe?

Meanwhile, somewhere in the ever-expanding multiverse, Gotham Knights will be making its big debut on The CW and we now have a teaser trailer for the first season! The trailer highlights the death of Bruce Wayne, and how his adopted son, Turner Hayes, must rise to the occasion alongside a plethora of other young heroes like Carrie Kelley, Stephanie Brown and the Row siblings; Harper and Cullen. We also see shots of Harvey Dent, before he’s transformed into the terrifying Two-Face, who’s played by Misha Collins - a well-known face on the CW. 

Topping off these tantalizing trailers is another sneak peek of both shows. March can’t come any sooner as Superman and Lois and Gotham Knights will surely leave a lasting impression on both die-hard comic book fans and newcomers alike!

Are you excited for the return of Superman and Lois and the debut of Gotham Knights? What kinds of stories would you like to see told in each respective series? Let us know down in the comments and forum below!

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