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Raffi Barsoumian Joins Legends of Tomorrow As Potential Villain

The Legends are certainly growing their cast out for the new season, whether by turning recurring cast to regulars, or by adding fresh faces to the roster. Today, according to TVLine, newcomer Raffi Barsoumian is joining the ranks, and from what his official character description says, he might be this season's big bad! Barsoumian, known for his role in Vampire Diaries and The Code, will be playing Bishop, and he is described as a man who has:

[...]seen the end of the world, and he thinks he has a way to save it. But despite his purported love of humanity, Bishop isn’t great with people. He pretends to be a groovy bon vivant with a taste for cognac and a killer vinyl collection, but in fact, he’s a sadistic egomaniac who treats all living creatures — human and alien alike — as his scientific playthings. Bishop’s drive to play god may very well hasten the world’s end. And it was no accident that Bishop lived to see the world’s end. He used his brilliant scientific mind to give himself, well, certain enhancements.

Yikes, seems like the Legends will have a handful with him! But knowing them, Bishop might just be joining the Waverider as part of the team in the not-so distant future. What do you think of this new addition? Let us know your thoughts below and in our forum! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for breaking news!