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Shivaani Ghai Cast as Safiyah Sohail in Batwoman

Some new casting information is upon us, and it's for a character that'll certainly be substantial for this upcoming second season. Shivaani Ghai has been officially cast as Safiyah Sohail, who will reportedly be one of the main antagonists of this new season. Best known for her roles in Dominion, EastEnders, London Has Fallen, and The Catch, this will be Ghai’s first foray into the comic book world. Safiyah is a character best described as the protective sovereign of a small, fairly remote community. A woman with a great deal of adversaries, Safiyah is someone who's loyalty and empathy is limited to those who are in her care. Nobody goes unnoticed by Safiyah, especially when it comes to those who have encountered the Desert Rose. What kind of trouble will Safiyah bring to the table? Is Ryan Wilder, the new Batwoman, prepared to face someone of great power and fortitude? Be sure to stay tuned and find out what kind of stories we'll witness with this interesting new antagonist!

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#1 RE: Shivaani Ghai Cast as Safiyah Sohail in BatwomanCatPat 2020-09-17 20:08
She definitely has the right look!

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