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Summer Episode Titles and Dates for CW Shows

As we look towards the summer to round off some of the current shows, we have more episode titles to share for the later half of June. We already covered Batwoman's and Superman & Lois' June episode titles, and we now have more episode titles for the Legends, who kicked off their season earlier this month, and the Flash, currently on route to their 150th episode this season. Let's see what each show is bringing.

Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends are hard at work trying to find Sara. Mick and Kayla are using the Waverider to find its Captain, while the rest of the Legends will be working out of Constantine's mansion to continue stopping the aliens scattered throughout time. It seems that the episodes will continue steadily on throughout June, with punny titles, and of course a Western episode. What stands out is the Back to the Finale episode, and we're curious to see what might come from that

  1. Bishop's Gambit - June 13
  2. Back to The Finale Part II - June 20
  3. Stressed Western - June 27

The Flash

Team Flash had been hard at work trying to find a way to deal with the Forces, particularly the Speed Force, and now that they managed to get a handle on things and stopped the storm, it's time for Team Flash to pivot to their next challenge. Cisco and Kamilla are leaving Central City, and we know that after last episode's conversation, and from casting announcements that the West-Allen family will be starting their journey to parenthood.

  1. Rayo De Luz - June 22
  2. Enemy at the Gates - June 29

We also have some episode titles for the duo arriving in the summer:


It seems that when season 2 opens up, we'll be seeing Courtney tackling summer school. In a departure from last season's episode titles which focused on hero names, this time we're looking at something akin to Black Lightning's naming scheme with chapters. The first 5 episodes will be airing throughout August and September and we'll see what our heroes have been up to since we last saw them.

  1. Summer School: Chapter One - August 10
  2. Summer School: Chapter Two - August 17
  3. Summer School: Chapter Three - August 24
  4. Summer School: Chapter Four - August 31
  5. Summer School: Chapter Five - September 07


Kara's back on Earth, and with that comes celebrating, but also from the episode titles, we'll be looking at Dreamer, and Mxy's return. We're eager to see how things continue, and eventually wrap up as we continue our journey though Supergirl's final season. We're excited to see the team back together, and how things will go with Kara's dad. We also know that we'll be having a future episode focusing on Kelly's own superhero story becoming Guardian further down in September.

  1. Welcome Back, Kara! - August 24
  2. Dream Weaver - August 31
  3. Still I Rise - September 07
  4. Mxy in the Middle - September 14

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