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Supergirl Series Finale Trailer

The time has come for the epic conclusion of one of The CW’s most popular superhero shows, Supergirl. Ever since starting in 2015, the series has captivated audiences and brought so many interesting and iconic characters into our hearts like Alex Danvers, Winn Schott, and most importantly, the Arrowverse’s version of Kara Danvers. All good things must come to an end as the trailer for the two-part finale has been released, which will air on Tuesday, November 9th.

The two-episode event, titled "The Last Gauntlet" and "Kara", will see the final face-off against Team Supergirl and Lex Luthor with Nyxly, two cunning and malicious forces who've joined forces for a common goal. Not only that, but we'll also see the wedding between Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen, so not all events in this episode will be heartbreaking and harrowing. The return of familiar faces such as James Olsen and Mon-El help solidify that this series finale will pack a punch more powerful than one from the Girl of Steel herself! Check out the trailer down below for what will be the culmination of six phenomenal years of superhero television!

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