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Superman & Lois "Lies That Bind" Trailer

We're nearing the end to the sensational second season of Superman and Lois, and we now have a trailer for the twelfth episode, “Lies That Bind”. At the current moment, we don't know a lot about the episode as an official synopsis has not yet been released. However, the last few moments of this week's episode, "Truth and Consequences", delivered a shocking status quo change for Superman and going off the teaser below, that'll be the tip of the iceberg for the Man of Steel.

In "Truth and Consequences”, Clark ultimately came clean to Lana Lang-Cushing about his secret identity as Superman. The situations of Jon-El and the Inverse Lana showing up on Earth-Prime furthered the revelation to the Last Son of Krypton’s lifelong friend. The aftermath of Lana learning about her childhood companion's secret will be highlighted in “Lies That Bind”, which will premiere on May 31, 2022.

How do you think Lana will comprehend this shocking news? Will Superman be able to defeat Ally Allston? Check out the preview above and message us down below your thoughts and theories in the comment section and forum below! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for breaking news!

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