Warner Brothers and ViacomCBS are shopping around the idea of selling The CW. What this means for all the DCTV properties is uncertain.

The Flash “The Man in the Yellow Tie” Trailer

The Flash has a new speedster in town! Kausar Mohammed is playing Dr. Meena Dhawan, known to comic book fans as Fast Track. She's a scientist who wants to push the boundaries of a meta's speed, and be able to give those powers to regular people, not just metas. Time will tell how that idea will end, especially since an Eobard Thawne seems to be hovering. For next week's trailer, the eponymous character of the episode title seems to be none other than Thawne, but not the one played by Tom Cavanagh, who we saw in this last ep, but rather Matt Letscher's version. Check out the trailer below:

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