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The Flash "The Mask of the Red Death, Part 2" Trailer

The final season of The Flash is heating up, and the latest teaser for next week's episode, Mask of the Red Death, Part Two”, showcases various fearsome foes returning to cause trouble for the Flash and his friends.

As seen in the trailer, we'll get to see more of the Red Death in action, portrayed by Javicia Leslie. We also see the return of Goldface, played by Damion Poitier, who's likely up to no good. The Red Death has been a formidable force to those standing in her way, how will Team Flash be able to save the day and stop the nefarious speedster? We've made quite a bit of progress towards the grand finale for The Flash, so stay tuned to see if our favorite heroes will meet us at the end of the finish line! 

What did you think of the teaser for “Mask of the Red Death, Part Two?” What other kinds of surprises can we expect in The Flash season nine? Let us know your thoughts below and in our forum! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for breaking news!

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