Katherine McNamara accepts a role on Urban Legends reboot. This is causing fans of the possible Green Arrow spin off show to worry about it's future.

Titans Reveal 2 New Villains & 1 Ally for Season 3

Titans will be coming back to our screens very soon, and we've got some very intriguing information about the third season! Continuing from where we left off in the second season, the Titans will be going up against Starfire’s devious sister, Blackfire, and her Tamaranean goons. Not only will we see more of Starfire’s family, but the panel revealed that some exciting characters will be joining the series

  1. Barbara Gordon will debut in the third season as Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Whether or not she's Batgirl or Oracle at this point in her life is currently not known.
  2. The Scarecrow will also make his first appearance in the show as an Arkham Asylum patient who acts as a profiler and consultant for the GCPD.
  3. Jason Todd will make his debut as the Red Hood and step down as the current Robin, perhaps making way for Tim Drake?

Are you thrilled at these exciting reveals? What's in store for our main cast? Stay tuned and find out when Titans returns in 2021!

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#1 RE: Titans Reveal 2 New Villains & 1 Ally for Season 3CatPat 2020-08-23 00:06
Interesting... Has Barbara been cast? I would suspect she is older and outgrown Batgirl, but she could be Oracle. I hope they cast her correctly.

I wonder how Jason transforms to Red Hood here?

Maybe Damien Wayne?

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