The Vulcan Reporter spotted Javicia Leslie on the set of HBO Max's Titans. While highly unlikely there is a crossover, this could be a joint promotion for HBO Max.

Vincent Kartheiser Cast as Scarecrow in Titans

Last year we learnt that Scarecrow would be joining the show for its third season, and today we learnt that they have cast Vincent Kartheiser, of Mad Men fame, as Dr. Jonathan Crane. From the looks of it, Titans will be expanding to include many more of the Batfamily's allies and villains. With Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake joining, as well as Jason Todd's turn to Red Hood, seeing that Scarecrow will be joining makes sense if we'll be spending some time in Gotham.

In the tweet announcing Kartheiser's casting, Crane's character is described as:

The streets are never safe from the Prince of Panic ... even if he is locked away in Arkham.

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