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Wonder Girl Series Not Moving Forward at The CW

In some disappointing news, it seems that the Wonder Girl series wasn't meant to be. Dailyn Rodriguez, who was set to be the EP for the show, announced on Twitter earlier today that The CW had passed on the opportunity to have the show join the slate of DC heroes on TV. Her statement as posted on Twitter reads:

So some sad news. For all of those asking, Wonder Girl is not getting picked up at the CW. I was very proud of the script I wrote. Wish I could’ve shared the world I created, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. Thanks for everyone’s enthusiasm. It meant a lot to me.

It's certainly not what we were expecting, the idea as far as we had understood was that The CW was aiming for a different age group of heroes, such as Stargirl and the new Justice Society, the upcoming Naomi, and even Painkiller having a late teens/ early adults vibe. Yara Flor would have certainly fit in with the group, but at least for now, it's being shelved. Time will tell if the idea gets revisited.

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#2 RE: Wonder Girl Series Not Moving Forward at The CWLibertyPrime 2021-02-14 23:22
Poll results here wouldn't matter too much if the Powers That Be didn't think the script worked, for whatever reason.

So many projects are greenlit at the CW, it's easy to forget how often projects don't move forward in the industry as a whole. :-(
#1 RE: Wonder Girl Series Not Moving Forward at The CWCatPat 2021-02-13 22:47
Very disappointing. A LatinX lead would have been a nice addition to CWverse.

Clearly, they were not watching the poll here on this site. Wonder Girl was the show most were interested in...

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