Katherine McNamara accepts a role on Urban Legends reboot. This is causing fans of the possible Green Arrow spin off show to worry about it's future.

Young Justice Season 4 Title Revealed

DC Fandome is well under way and the news are just coming out! Among the exciting news we received, the beloved animated series, Young Justice, has a few of its own! Apart from the audio play, covered by our sister site youngjustice.tv, which helps bridge the gap between Season 3, which premiered last year, and the upcoming season 4, we also have a title reveal as well as the title card for Season 4 - Young Justice: Phantoms.

With a title like that, we're sure that we can expect the stakes to be higher, and the action to be even more intense. Check out the title card below:

0294 title card

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#1 RE: Young Justice Season 4 Title RevealedCatPat 2020-09-16 03:27
... I did to catch up on this show. I like how they handled Miss Martian.

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