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Alex Morf Joins Batwoman Season 2 As Victor Zsasz

Victor Zsasz is no stranger to the Batman mythos, and if you saw the latest Harley Quinn movie, you had a chance to get to know what kind of a character he is. For Batwoman's second season, it seems that he too will be joining the list of new villains to terrorize Gotham. While we don't have any details on what role he will be playing, or whether he will be making his appearance as a lone player or as part of a bigger conspiracy, we have learnt that Alex Morf will be playing the new villain. Morf is no stranger to Batman, having appeared in the Gotham show as a gang leader. His new role is described as follows:

A charismatic, skilled hitman with high, unpredictable energy. He proudly carves tally marks onto his skin for every victim he kills.

As an added detail, the current production of Batwoman had to slow due to COVID-19, with rigorous testing to curb cases. We are imagining that other shows are also going through the same measures.

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#1 RE: Alex Morf Joins Batwoman Season 2 As Victor ZsaszCatPat 2020-10-06 21:13
Still sickened by replacing Kate Kane. They seem to be overloading the show perhaps as a diversion to the elephant in the room.

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