The Vulcan Reporter spotted Javicia Leslie on the set of HBO Max's Titans. While highly unlikely there is a crossover, this could be a joint promotion for HBO Max.

Batwoman “I’ll Give You A Clue” Gallery

Batwoman's next challenge will be against Cluemaster, a villain that will be well-known to comicbook fans, and we have the gallery showcasing the crazed look of the Cluemaster, played by Rick Miller. And even more exciting, pictured in the title image, is that we'll also be meeting Cluemaster's daughter, none other than Stephanie Brown herself, played by Morgan Kohan. For those that might not know her character she was a one-time Robin, has also held the mantle of Spoiler and Batgirl, depending on which comics continuity you follow. We're not sure if for now she'll be a one-off character to return at a later date, but we're definitely excited to hear about her! Check out the gallery below:

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#2 RE: Batwoman “I’ll Give You A Clue” GalleryCatPat 2021-05-10 20:32
Quoting CatPat:
I am curious how Arrowverse will use Stephanie Brown.

I liked it. Stephanie was quite the fun addition... and Alice realizing Circe is actually Kate... wow!
#1 RE: Batwoman “I’ll Give You A Clue” GalleryCatPat 2021-05-08 19:25
I am curious how Arrowverse will use Stephanie Brown.

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