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CW Schedule Changes to January; Smaller Crossover

The Arrowverse just took another "Crisis On Infinite Earths" type hit today but it wasn't through the fictional narrative. This hit comes from the Covid-19 outbreak! The shows all should be back filming now doing their season openers and making content for San Diego Comic Con but with the convention cancelled and quarantine still in effect, no new production can begin. To cover the gap in fall scheduling, The CW purchased four existing shows to air coming this fall. Notably, Swamp Thing was acquired from the DC Universe streaming platform to air this year. Looking at the dates for the return of our favorite shows, it is seriously implied that we won't get new episodes until 2021. The new schedule is as follows:


  1. 8/7c: Batwoman


  1. 9/8c: Black Lightning


  1. 8/7c: The Flash
  2. 9/8c: Superman & Lois

Legends of Tomorrow has traditionally been a mid-season starter so no surprises there, but a big gap that is glaring is that Supergirl is not listed on the schedule. This is likely due to series star Melissa Benoist's pregnancy and maternity leave. Additionally, the big annual crossover event has been downsized quite a bit. Current coversations are that a Superman & Lois will do a two hour crossover with Batwoman. Could this be Batman related? DCTV.news has reached out to The CW for more information. We'll add that here as soon as we learn more.

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#3 RE: CW Schedule Changes to January; Smaller CrossoverCatPat 2020-05-17 01:05
I hope the powers that be at CW and Berlantiverse knows it will be an outrageous slap in the face if they attempt to do the World's finest with Superman instead of Supergirl. Fans have been waiting for the Kara/Kate pair up since Elseworlds. Bleeding Cool is reporting World's Finest will be the basis of next season's crossover. They need a different story for the crossover.
#2 RE: CW Schedule Changes to January; Smaller CrossoverCatPat 2020-05-14 19:14
I was hoping late fall for the new season, maybe November. But this doesn't surprise me. I also expected Superman on Tuesdays but I figured they'd give it the higher prifile lead off spot and push Flash back an hour. Arrow got bumped a bit and Supergirl has been moved twice, so figured Flash would move. Not suprised that Supergirl will be held until later to give Melissa a proper and well deserved maternity leave. I do hope she is able to participate in the 2 hour Superman/Batwoman crossover and I hope we get the World's Finest with Supergirl and Batwoman later in the season. It would be fun for Batwoman to meet Thunder/Blackbird too.
#1 RE: CW Schedule Changes to January; Smaller CrossoverSiggi 2020-05-14 18:29
Really...really.......really....sad news.
8 months to wait for new episodes of Batwoman.

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