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Harley Quinn S2 Trailer & 4 Episode Titles

Feeling a craving for more Harley news since the Season One finale? We don’t blame you, we hardly know anything about Season Two and we’re dying for more! Lucky for all of us, DC Universe released the first four episode titles of Season Two. Will we be able to infer anything from these? One thing was clear, the first episode title is "New Gotham" and fans of season one might remember that Harley and team kind of blew up the city in the finale! Here are the other three titles:

Riddle U

Okay, we’re super pumped for this episode. The Riddler was a hilarious character last season, and he seemed to be pretty chill with Ivy and Harley. More screen time for the Riddler? Sign us up!


Now, this title could mean a number of things. It’s a little vague, given the title; has Harley and her crew been kidnapped? Or are they just doing an escape room? Either option could be on the table, so we’ll see where the chips fall later on. 

Thawing Hearts

Is Harley finally moving on from the Joker… and onto someone else? We have no idea, but we’re intrigued by the prospect. Harley deserves someone by her side as her equal, and if that’s indeed the concept, we’ll be looking out for this episode.

Of course a better way of getting to know what season 2 is going to look like is to watch the season 2 trailer! This makes it look like season 1 was just a tame old cartoon!

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#1 RE: Harley Quinn S2 Trailer & 4 Episode TitlesCatPat 2020-03-20 23:07
I definitely want to see this but can't bring myself to subscribe to CCTV. I think I will splurge soon.

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