With the newest revision to Supergirl's 5th season and the announcement that Melissa Benoist is pregnant, Supergirl might not return to The CW until 2021.

Superman And Lois Gets Promotional Poster

The news is moving fast today and yesterday! Superman and Lois have added two new cast members which really rounds out their entire cast and the return dates for all the Arrowverse shows is up and unfortunately it's going to be a bit of a wait until we get new episodes. That said, the CW did give us at least a little bit of a gift. Today we are seeing a new post of the Arrowverse's newest power couple, Clark Kent aka Superman and Lois Lane! The poster centers on Superman and Lois but a third "character" does hide in the background. We talking about the iconic, Daily Planet! Move over Catco! Check out the poster for yourself below!

0227 supermanlois

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#1 RE: Superman And Lois Gets Promotional PosterCatPat 2020-05-14 19:28
Nice poster!

CatCo hasn't felt like CatCo since Calista left the show.

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